Storefront #3

Beaver Lumber in Canada is no more.  All that remains is the shell of a prospering community.

Descent Into Detail






In Case of Fire…


castlevania-church-blogThe allure of this abandoned Gothic Revival church is responsible for my descent into the realm of urban exploration photography.

Open Spaces, Closed Windows

More from Sears, Roebuck and Co.’s westside headquarters.






Fire Escape No. 3


In many places, all natural light was carefully sealed off. These windows had been painted black, then drywalled over.


Black Eyes

Back to Sears

After being in want of material for a while, a photographic drought if you will, I am now beating back a flood. I am leaving the Idiot Photographer to lead the way into Cleveland, for as much as I have to share from this trip just ended, I have unfinished business in Chicago to wrap up. And so, we return to the former headquarters of Sears, Roebuck and Co. on the city’s west side.

The campus was not a typical abandonment, in that it wasn’t a case of a business going under. Sears was a thriving business, and moving to a gleaming new facility. Perhaps because it was an organized move there is little left in the buildings in the way of interesting furniture or equipment; instead, it is floors and floors of open halls and office space. There are interesting focal points, but they have to be found. But I’ll start with halls and open spaces. I was B&W heavy in this batch, the original colors being a bit garish for my taste.



Linoleum Tide



Exit Anxieties



Zig Zag Hall


cleveland 2014 563



Secret Passageway

secret passageway blogDark and bleak abandonment.


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