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st boniface 124_5_6_tonemapped



Intact windows are keeping the ivy at bay.  Soon it won’t matter since not only the windows will be gone, but the ivy along with them.



In other news you may have noticed things look a little different around here.  We’re making some changes since it looks like we’ll have another person joining us fairly soon.  Eventually the plan is to fully change the blog name over to “The Sublime League of the Holy Lens” or some such, because we’re fancy like that.  One would think my screen name would have been the cautionary tale of naming things in a tongue-in-cheek manner but sometimes you just can’t help yourself, or take yourself too seriously.  Either way we’ll see how things develop over the coming months and I’ll update in advance of changes so we don’t lose anyone in the shuffle.


I often take shots of the same subject framed in slightly different ways, like any decent photographer does.  Usually one stands out as the clear winner and that is the one you all get to see.  In this case though, well, you’re getting both because I cannot decide.



st l 1



Or balcony?

st l 2

Saints Above Again!

Young explorers keen on earning their Junior Urbex boy scout merit badges (straight, all-American boys only need apply) will be well served to keep this motto in mind when afield: “always look up.”


Saint Laurence Church, 1911-2014

Today’s trip yielded many photographs that will need editing for days to come. The jury’s out on the results, but it was a great day to get out and shoot. We’ll be bringing you many shots in the coming days of this nearly century-old church and its adjacent parochial school. We may also be bringing you pictures from a guest photographer whose intel brought us to this church today.
Currently, St. Laurence is in the process of demolition, with the back wall completely gone. It makes for an unnerving dollhouse effect when viewed from the rear. Apparently, preservationists have been trying to save this building since it was shuttered in 2005. Those efforts ended the way most preservation efforts do in Chicago, so here we are.



Crown Fountain at Millenium Park, Chicago.



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