>Following the Hordes

>I usually avoid shooting things that are often photographed. There are so many amazing shots of the Cloud Gate (a.k.a. The Bean) that it feels kind of silly to try to compete with people who are way better than I am. Yet the other day as I wandered by in the early morning light with only 2 other people in the plaza with me I figured I’d give it a try.

This is my favorite shot. For the most part it takes the Bean out of context and gives you a trippy city in a bubble view. The shot is not so much of the Bean itself, but of the distorted city and the boundary line of blue sky. It won’t win any awards, but after trying to shoot the “Skyline in The Bean” shot that everyone else seems to have, it made me happy to have something unlike the standard shot that, to me, captures the spirit of Cloud Gate rather than the just the reality.

Oh really? Tell me more....

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