>Koi and Glass

>So after a nice long 4 days off of work I have nothing to show for new photos. Every single trip was pretty much a bust, the racetrack, downtown, the conservatory. Partly due to me just not feeling it, partly due to weather that can’t decide if it is going to pour buckets or be sunny.

I spent about 20 minutes at the koi pond in the conservatory, feeding the fish (shhhh, I don’t think you’re actually allowed to do that) and randomly playing around with taking a photo. There were a couple of fish that I wanted to get a picture of because the are just so weird looking, some type of fancy koi, but being fish they don’t sit still and don’t take direction. Thankfully the very first filter I ever bought was a polarizing filter, so I can take a picture of fish with out too much reflection.

Uninspired, that is me right now. Spring has finally turned around from the usual cold rain and snow mix to warm, humid and partly sunny/very hazy yet I just can’t seem to find my inspiration. Not that it will stop me.

Oh really? Tell me more....

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