>Random Photo #2

>Last fall my friend and I went on a mission to visit the Botanical Gardens, and after seeing the line of cars that was 5 blocks long we decided to find some other place to get some pictures of fall colors.
In the course of our meanderings we realized we driving past Fermi Lab and figured we would check out the Prairie Trail. It was well worth the visit even though most of the grasses had already gone brown and the flowers were well to seed. We didn’t get any brilliant fall foliage shots, but what initially seemed like a boring hike through tall grasses and weeds quickly turned in one of those discovery around every corner moments.
Next month we are going back to Fermi Lab, both to tour the trails so I can find out what the hell this plant looks like when it is growing, but also to get a private tour of the lab itself. I think I am going to explode from the anticipation, and that I need to brush up on my very basic understanding of high energy particle physics so I don’t sound like an idiot when I get there.

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