>Well, that sucked, plus Kittens

So shortly after a week long hiatus my computer crashed in a most spectacular fashion. Due to a particularly nasty virus that neither of my virus software caught everything went topsy-turvy and in the end the only thing left to do was wipe the hard drive and start anew. Thankfully I was able to rescue all the photo files that I had not yet backed up but the whole process left me computerless for more than a week, and more than a little angry.

Either way, now that I have my fiend back I’ll return to regular posting, I just need to go out and take some more interesting photos. Wouldn’t you know it, while my computer was down with a nasty virus, so was I. I forced myself to get up and go out on Memorial day for a photo trip, which I lasted a whole 20 minutes for. I exaggerate, I made it for a few hours, but I’m only vaugley aware of what was going on after the first 20 minutes, after that it was just hot, I was exhausted, coughing, sweating and sore and hardly seeing what I was shooting. Also, my new camera weighs significantly more than the old, and I felt every extra ounce of it. One would hope that in my combination heat stroke and illness delirium I’d come up with some brilliant compositions but alas, it was not to be. I think I needed to be sicker before that could happen.

My friend cut our trip short despite my protests because he could see what I was refusing to admit, I was totally knackered. When I got home I sat down on the couch and promptly fell asleep for a nap, then dragged myself out for a BBQ later in the afternoon, camera in tow. Still no amazing pictures, just snap shots of the party.

Then for other amusements when the computer was down I also set up a mock mini studio in the one place in my apartment that gets some semblance of natural light and had a bit of a photo shoot with the foster kittens and my cats. At long last I have a decent picture of my dilute tortie, and enough kitten pictures to keep lolcats going for a year.

Hopefully by the time Friday rolls around I’ll feel slightly more human since the plan is to go to the Field Museum, but at this rate I’m not holding my breath.

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