>Now that I have my spiffy new DSLR I need to invest in lenses. First, I need something that can zoom me in like my old bridge camera does. This statue is about 160 feet off the ground, and I was shooting from across a 4 lane road; my camera didn’t even need to go to digital zoom to capture this.

So until I can afford more lenses, I am keeping my PowerShot for odd jobs that my current lens cannot handle as well.

This is a detail from the Wayne County Seat building in Detroit Michigan. It is a class A historical building and available for rent if you’re interested. Which leads me to another thought I’ve had from time to time when I have seen interesting buildings that are not quite abandoned but certainly run down, neglected, empty and abused. I wonder if I could call the relator up and say, I’m not interested in purchasing or leasing your building, but I’d love to take a tour and photograph it.
I wonder if I offered compensation for their time someone would actually take me up on it (even though I’m obviously crazy….) I also feel like that is cheating in terms of urban exploring, to some degree. But I am fine with that. For me it is about experiencing the building, the place. Not just about the breaking and entering (especially in Gary, where it is more like strolling and entering. The cops saw me taking down a fence one day, and continued driving with out a word.)

Oh really? Tell me more....

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