>Torrence Ave. Bridge

Not to say that this is the only bridge on Torrence Ave, but it is one of the more interesting ones. It is a vertical lift bridge, where if it needs to be raised out of the way of a passing ship the whole thing goes straight up into the air, like an elevator, rather than the more popular folding drawbridge.

You mainly see these in more industrial areas since they are seen as being visually unappealing, something which I strongly disagree with. They do, however, block the view of the river as you could see in one of my earlier posts titled Follow the Light.

This upcoming weekend will be filled with bridges like this one, we’ve set the date and arraigned the transportation to Gary Indiana and our drag queens are currently out shopping for new dresses and wigs. But that is just Sunday. Friday night, provided mother nature takes a breaks from dumping massive thunderstorms on us, we should also be doing some night shooting of the city and city skyline. Hopefully on Friday an artist friend of mine will let me come over and take a stab at photographing some his extensive glass collection and Saturday, well Saturday I’m going to an empty apartment party to bid a dear friend farewell as she leaves for Portland, half a continent away. Looks like the new camera will be getting a bit of a workout, which is what I’ve been striving for.

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