Plan B

Plan A didn’t go so well yesterday mainly due to others wanting to sleep in and miss the sunrise, who needs sleep anyway?  So I headed out on my own, hit North Avenue beach before the hordes of yuppies, body builders and vapid herdbeasts got there so I could enjoy a nice sunrise with my thermos of coffee and no one but gulls and red winged blackbirds for company.

From there I hopped onto a bus and headed back downtown into the Loop to try my hand at some architectural photography and discovered I wasn’t really in the mood for it.  So I wandered down underground to explore lower Chicago, which usually has some curious sites to entertain.  It seems I still wasn’t feeling it, but I finally got a better shot of this abandoned cable spool that has been parked behind this chain link fence for a few years..

In the end it was getting hot and muggy and the lake breeze wasn’t enough for me, so I headed for home and hid in the AC for the rest of the day watching really bad movies while I did housework.  Not my greatest day, but not the worst.




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