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The star known as Sol, our sun, accounts for over 99% of the mass in our solar system.  It is 109 times the radius of Earth and you could fit over a million Earth sized planets inside of it.  We travel around it at around 67,000 miles an hour give or take a bit depending on how close we happen to be at a given time.  That can vary between around 91,300,000 miles and 94,400,000 miles depending on where in orbit we are.  It is a thermonuclear fireball producing 3.8 x 10^23  kilo-watt hours, all in one hour.

All in all, I’d say that is pretty damn amazing, wouldn’t you?



Fall is almost here and it is my favorite time of year.  I’m likely going to miss the high of color this year since I’m planning on being in Texas around that time, but you never really know for certain when the trees are going to turn.   I’m extra excited for this year and can’t wait to see what I can capture with my new camera.

Road Closed

The colors, they hurt my brain!

Race Day part 2

The grooms were probably wondering who this crazy lady with a camera was, taking a hundred pictures of them walking their horses out in the paddock before the race.  This one in particular didn’t seem to appreciate it much, but his horse was acting up the whole time so how could I resist?

I dare you to smile before a race your horse is in!

Possibly my favorite shot of the day.  This fellow went on to win his race, and I’ll mention he is dun in color, a little unusual for a Thoroughbred.

The Races

So I spent the day at Arlington Racetrack today.  Like going to the zoo I have mixed feelings about horse racing,  the waste of animal life, the amount of abuse that comes out of it, these things are appalling.  But it is easy to forget these things when you’re at a nice track Arlington where the horses are well cared for even when they’re a little nutty, like this fellow.  Still, I enjoyed myself despite my lacking of wagering, and went for the photo opportunities.

Doesn’t that make you just want to play with his nose?  Way back when I drove horse carriages for a living and lip rodeo was always a favorite game for myself and some of my horses.

So here is my question is which is better?  This or the next?

You can clicky the photo to make it all bigger and the like.

Standard Building

Standards are low, in Gary Indiana.  At some point there was an attempt to restore this building to apartments, it never happened.


This is likely the nicest floor of any building I’ve visited in Gary but as for the rest, well, pretty standard.



I really wanted to go down there, but forgot my boots.




I want this cat’s job, laying in the sun all day, entertaining people by taking naps.


I’m getting way too much interference from the in house felines to run much commentary, so enjoy.


Cat Nap:

He’s watching:


The Book Tower

The Book Tower is not named for books, but the builder, Mr. Book.  It is right in the heart of downtown Detroit and a fine example of some the magnificent architecture Detroit has to offer.   When first constructed the plan was to have a mirror building across the street, but the money ran out so it stands alone. And FYI, last picture is very slightly NSFW, if you have a puritanical boss.

The first shot is a throw away but I am including just so you get some idea of how massive this building is:

Wide angle lens equals falling down building look.

This is when you break out the zoom and go for the details.

Over 30 stories up, and one hell of a fire escape.  I’d love to live in a place like this and feel like I own the world.  If only it weren’t Detroit.

As an added bonus the building is decorated in naked ladies that are almost not noticeable from street level.