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Danger!  Danger Will Robinson!


I’ve finally gotten around to going through my Drag Queens in Gary shoot for the second review.  I took so many photos in one day, reviewed them once, dumped the really bad ones and posted the ones I liked on first viewing.  After that I’ve been avoiding them like the plague since I pretty much hated everything I took.  I could have done better, much better.  Tons better.

My only excuse was I had just gotten my DSLR and had no idea how to use it, so while my models and location were just FABULOUS DARLING, my skills were not.  Still, on second review (at long last)   I find that I don’t hate everything as much as I thought I did.

So brace yourselves for Round Two of the Misadventures of Misty and Ivana!

Lilly Pond

Summer is over and fall is here with a vengeance.  I’m staying inside for now.

I’ll Fly Away

Agora at night





Man man island of weeds on the Chicago River.

Which Way?

Hidden in Open View

I honestly never knew this statue existed until the other night.  It is in Grant Park ( Millennium Park) just south of Congress, not 100 feet from Michigan Avenue, but as it sits on top its own little hill and has a screen of mature trees between it and the street so unless you’re just wandering in the park, you’ll never see it.

Just Fun

So sometimes (read as “most of the time”) I take everything too seriously and get frustrated that I’m not taking the “perfect” shot.  Which leads me to feel like I suck at photography, which leeches all the fun out of taking pictures.  As it turns out all I needed was an evening out with a fun friend and my camera to turn it all around for me.  Meet Angela, who is telling her ghostly self off.

OK fine so long exposure night shots like this aren’t high art, or even middling art, but they are an absolute hoot to produce.  Angela helped remind why I got into the whole photography thing to begin with.  Because it is fun.

So we wandered Grant Park for awhile and made it down to the Agora installation (which I love more than “The Bean” a.k.a. Cloud Gate) and Angela decided to play a game of tag with herself.  Which you can do in a long exposure.  I was laughing like a giddy school girl through the whole thing.

Screw making “art”, I’m out to have some fun!



I had really hoped the when I went back down to the Board of Trade that I would meet more people since it wasn’t raining, was after business hours and was a Friday.  Well, there were more people, but the few I spoke with were clearly off their rockers though if through sleep deprivation or just general nuttiness it was hard to tell.  In some cases.  Others…

There were some thankfully normal people participating in the protests, but I still feel like it just an expression of impotent rage.  A temper tantrum.  We need to grow up and take action, of course as I previously mentioned I’m not sure what action we need to take to effect change.  Though marching on our elected official’s offices and demanding the end of corporate person-hood and stronger regulation for the banks might not be a shoddy start.  Of course, then they’d have to figure out who it was they didn’t vote for or against in the last election cycle….

Don’t get me wrong, I support the idea behind the occupy movement almost as much I support you using your adorable child to help you convey your message.   (At last, a normal person!  Well, normal in that not-suburban-cookie-cutter-but-I’m-kinda-off-my-rocker-in-a-good-way-normal.  Like me.)

So I might stop in and see how things are going next weekend, but at this point I’ve exhausted the photo opportunities.  Perhaps I am just showing up at the wrong time, but there are not a lot of people hanging out down here, and the general malaise of a group of people who are put down, frustrated and unable to find a solution is quite wearing.

Next time on Idiot Photographer-  the Idiot tries out long exposure night shots of people.


Yesterday I wandered downtown in the rain and gloom to have a gander at the Occupy Chicago people.  On the way I also bumped into Stand Up! Chicago which I had never heard of.  Protests in Chicago are usually pretty small, I like to call this the City of Apathy, and I wasn’t expecting much for a rainy weekday.

The Occupy Chicago peeps are seen as a joke already by the upper class, I overheard an expensive suit on his cell phone saying, “What a waste of time, they’re protesting nothing”.  Since I can’t resist being snarky and butting into other people’s conversations I loudly said “They’re protesting you, you’re the problem.”

I’m not a member of the movement but I’m curious and know where the fears are coming from.  I live paycheck to paycheck and given how light work has been lately I often find myself leaving a half hour early since there is literally nothing to do.  I lived without health insurance until I was 32.  I live alone and have nowhere to go should I lose my job and be unable to find another one.  I don’t have a fancy education and all my skills are on the job training.  I’ve been working poor all my life and have been homeless twice, I don’t want to go back there.

Our government is broken, possibly beyond repair.  Hell, our whole world is broken.  There are no easy solutions and I for one have nothing to offer, the problems are so massive and are global in scale.  So instead I’ll take pictures.

These are the people protesting corporations having “personhood” and running our country.  They are your sons and daughters, sisters, brothers, lovers and parents.

The Chicago movement seems largely fueled by our local socialists and communists, a fact I find terribly funny since I was under the impression they were protesting big government.  I know, I know, the real issue is our government is broken and owned by corporations.  I’m all for a light socialist government but communism is an unattainable ideal contrary to human nature.  Moving on…

The general mood was quite upbeat despite the rain, but I wonder how long sleepy there has been camped out?

If you’re wondering where to find them, just follow the sound of the drumming!

Dog Walk


I’m feeling restless and on vacation for the next two weeks.  There is hope yet that this blog won’t fail!

Rowing in the Park


Sorry for all the delays between posts lately.  This pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling lately.  I’m thinking of taking a hiatus since every photo shoot I’ve done in the past month or so have been nothing but busts.  I’ve only managed to complete one thing I wanted do for the summer (the Gary Indiana drag shoot) and well, blah.

At the very least I will continue with the decreased frequency of posting since I have nothing new to share.