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Angel’s Tires

Welcome to Pilsen, one of the more colorful and random neighborhoods you’ll find in Chicago.  Also, they have the coolest L stop in the whole city.  These are details from Angel’s Tire Shop, open 24 hours.  Sleep deprivation explains a lot…..


Anemone at Shedd Aquarium


The Museum of Surgical Science is possibly one of the most interesting and little visited museums in town.  It is also a great inspiration for nightmares and horror movies.  Here I give a trepanning kit; for the drilling of holes into the skull, you know, to let out the evil spirits.


Rather than precipitation we have been deal with condensation this week, which for one of my vacations is an improvement.

Street Chess

I am on vacation this week (whee!) and have finally found a chance to sit down a update my poor neglected blog.  Sorry for the delay, it was really a case of having nothing new to post and preparing for a house guest.

This week is full of running around acting like a tourist and taking pictures everywhere, so I figured I’d try some candid street photography since as we all know I don’t think I have any great skill in photographing people.  Here I offer you street chess, anyone can walk up and play a round of chess or checkers against anyone else who may want to play a game.


Some days you just can’t escape.

Spring Willows

Tom Ping park, Chinatown



Is it too early to start drinking?


Light Pollution


subtle reminders


Wandering around the city you sometimes see subtle reminders of mortality.

The lions of the Art Institute stand on these.