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Bring It

I went to my family’s Memorial Day BBQ, and rather than spending the whole time photographing my adorable nieces I found my self oddly distracted by the resident insect life on occasion.  I saw this little fellow busily scurrying across a screen, and when I approached to get his picture he turned around and tried to stand me down.  Normally I more than a little freaked out by spiders, but this guy just made me laugh.

Meanwhile… At Work

I may be slacking in the “taking interesting photos and posting them” area of my life, but I’ve found some time at work to have to have fun with our hospital cat!

Meet Bella, who tolerates being the victim of year old memes…. DOUBLE RAINBOW!


She is a good cat, a patient cat, a cat who only hangs out with the nurses when her favorite doctor isn’t in the building or is having a really busy day.  Mainly because the nurses do things like this when she sleeps in our chart bins:

Bella came to us several years ago from a multi-cat household where she was everyone’s whipping boy.  If something happened in the house to stress another cat out they would take it out on her no matter who was at fault resulting her hating other cats.  So now she lives in a building where hundreds of stranger cats pass through on a  regular basis.  Yet she is happy there.

Even when little kittens take over her bed in the doctor’s office.


Chicago’s Finest

Some people may have noticed a little hoopla over our way last weekend.  Since I am the master of poor timing I missed out on the hordes of angry people, but I did get to see horses wear riot gear.


While the Chicago PD is not without issues, I will commend them for handling the protests with dignity and not escalating the unrest by over reacting.  I also applaud these two mounted officers for having an excellent sense of humor when it comes to being photographed.


Random things you see on the way to work…. Traffic signals.

Baha’i Temple in the dark

Took another night trip out and about, but my photo buddy (who has the car) was wore out and tired so we only made one stop, the Baha’i temple on the north shore.  I think the slight fogginess worked in my favor for this one but I invite you to be the judge of that.

Maybe I should fix that horizon line?