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Return to Pilsen

Since the weather has been so nice I figured I’d take another wander through Pilsen, a neighborhood famous for its murals and general colorful atmosphere.  Once again I was not disappointed.

Of course, it is a strongly religious neighborhood, so most of what you’re going to see is Jesus and Mary.  They are literally everywhere.  There are also occasional dedications to Patron Saints, including the Patron Saint of Criminals and Artists (WTF?).

However they do get to compete with other gods found here and there:

I just wish I knew which one this was.  More tomorrow.

A Little Cheep

We’ve had a bit of a weird summer so far this far, it was warm, then hot, then cold, then hot again, so the birds are all a little off on their breeding cycles.  Thus we’re seeing baby birds all over the place at the end of June.

Most of the time when I see a baby bird on the ground it is a fledgling learning to fly and I can admire it and walk away,  but this little guy was not fully fledged and needed a helping hand returning to his nest, 30 feet up a tree.

Honestly, who can resist such a grumpy little face?  Once I established this robin was too young to try flying (didn’t have all his feathers yet, heck, he was half nekkid!) I tried setting him back up in his tree in the hopes he could hop from branch to branch and get home.  No such luck.  Poor kid couldn’t even hop an inch, much less flutter.  Down he came again, twice.

The second crash landing from his rescue attempt resulted in an injury and I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to take care of him until I could find a birdie rescue group to rehabilitate him.

After a couple of days of toting him all over Chicago (seriously, he rode something like 5 different bus lines and 2 train lines in the course of 3 days with me) I found Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation, they cheerfully took him in (for no fee!) and expressed confidence that he would survive his injury and be released into the wild.  Since they get so many robins he will even get to be raised with a group around his age!  This is important, since birds are pretty social animals for the most part.
I strongly recommend Flint Creek to anyone in the Greater Chicago Land Area who finds a wild critter in need and doesn’t know what to do with it.  They will talk you the process step by step, and even have handy dandy flow charts on their site on how to approach different situations with wild animals. I’d also like to request that if anyone has a couple extra dollars to toss it their way since they are run totally on charitable donations.

Flint Creek has promised me they will let me know how things go with the little guy and if/when he is released back into the wild, I’ll update when I hear from them.


A flash of red on the top a fence post, what could it be?



Why it is a happy little lichen colony on top of a fence post!


I’m not totally certain why it has the brilliant red tops though.  If anyone knows drop a line in the message box.