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Ring Tailed Lemur

It isn’t very often I get to get close to adorable exotic animals like this ring tailed lemur.  He is part of the petting zoo at the local fair and for once  they had him out of his cage (where he usually just paces in boredom and frustration).  It seems the petting zoo finally listened to the complaints they were getting and decided to offer him a better quality of life by not keeping him locked up all the time.  So, meet Oscar, a 4 year old ring tailed lemur.  He was a little shy at first but since I didn’t push contact and closeness with him he decided I wasn’t evil and allowed me to take his picture, a lot.


The first thing Oscar did when he realized I wasn’t going to get all up into his personal space was find some potted plants and start munching on them.



Then he decided to give me his best contemplative look, the deep thinking lemur….


Ahhh who are we kidding he is a clown, through and through!

Pilsen part 2

Ok so that took longer than I thought it would.   Regardless, I give you yet more Pilsen.

Let’s start with another god not Catholic:

I’m not sure who she is supposed to represent, but I love this bit of art on a door.


I wonder what happened to this building’s neighbor:


Lastly a bit of graffiti that still has be giggling.  Trogdor the Burninator has a little brother, and he is gonna kick Pedo-bear’s ass.