The Creature Feature

Wherever I go I try to take wildlife photos, this trip was marked by the lack of wildlife photos.  In no small part this was due to not hitting too many hiking trails since my father is unable to climb up and down hills and canyons like he used to, and many of my pictures are roadside shots.  One notable exception was the begging ravens at Bryce Canyon, who stopped begging and started grooming since we were not feeding them.

Such a handsome bird.

As it turns out, while ravens are rather common all throughout the west these were the only two who I was able to take a decent photo of.  Most the ravens we encountered looked to steal from you, rather than asking for handouts.

They were not the only beasts we had the pleasure of observing, pronghorn were pretty much everywhere, but as usual I failed to take a decent photo of one.  Mule deer were also bountiful and I managed a halfway decent photo of one rather less than robust individual.

On the way out of Zion National Park we were treated to the sight of desert big horn sheep.  Smaller in stature and horn than their mountain cousins seen here they are an endangered species who brought traffic to a virtual stand still early one morning by standing on steep slope and looking all dramatic.

On the way home we passed through Rocky Mountain National Park, right at the start of rut season for the elk.  All the big bull elk declined to bring the ladies up where we could see them clearly, and the rangers were keeping people safe by not allowing them out into the fields to harass/be mauled or killed by the elk.  Luckily this little fella wandered up and gave us his best side.

He did give us a bambi pose too, the show off.

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