Phys. Ed.

One of the more interesting aspects of the school was that part of it dated back to the 150’s (or so we guessed) and then expanded by more than half sometime in the 1970s or 1980s.  As a result it had redundant gyms, the first was basically an extremely small basketball court, the second what most people think of as a high school gym with a full sized court and giant bleachers on either side.  I found the little gym first, but will share the bigger one first.


At some point someone found all the lunch trays and brought them into the gym, I have no idea why.  The entire floor was covered in broken heavy-duty dishes from the lunch room, some one had a dish smashing party and I hadn’t been invited.



I’ve actually already shared two photos from this area previously,  you may remember seeing Yosemite Sam in the background next to some graffiti.  Well, Betty Boop, Tweety Bird an a few others make appearances here too.

betty boop


Remember how much fun it was to pull out the folding bleachers?  I tried but every lot of them was stuck in folded position, except this set which was half pulled out.



Kids being the little vandals that they are when unsupervised had some fun bashing out the glass backboard to the main basketball hoops.  Though I must admit, I too love the sound of things breaking; it is just that now that I am older I have feelings of guilt attached to that sound.



I’ll just leave you to ponder this one on your own.

edison home ec in gym


Now back to the little gym.  It was a pretty cool room, and also the place where I got spooked by the something in the ceiling.  At first I thought I was hear Tabula Rasa thumping around on the roof, but then I realized it was much, much closer to me than that.  I’m not really afraid of raccoons or opossum, but the thought of one falling through the ceiling onto my head was enough to get me to move on out.

Did I mention they turned it into a storage area?  For books.

edison book storage

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  1. tabularasa88

    The sewing machine cracks me up.

    January 24, 2013 at 10:37 pm

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