Scratching the Surface of Detroit

YMCA Ballroom

Our one true find on the trip was this YMCA, abandoned for a generation. They don’t make them like this anymore.

Michigan Central Station

Massive and abandoned, this rail station tempted us with breaking & entering, but razor wire and numerous ‘no tresspasing’ signs proved persuasive.

Ren Cen Night

The ironically named Renaissance Center was intended to revitalize Detroit’s downtown when it opened in the late 70s. As is, it made great shutter fodder with the Ambassador bridge leading off to the left of the shot into Canada.

St. Aloysius Door

We came across this church while wandering the city center. A young man with a mohawk came by and chatted us up. When he introduced himself as one of the friars of St Aloysius (Al-loo-WISH-us), we were surprised, to say the least. When he offered to take us inside and give us a tour, we quickly agreed. I can’t provide much photographic documentation of the interior; alas, I hadn’t brought my tripod. However, the friar’s conversation, engaging demeanor, and simple humanity proved to be the most memorable part of the trip for me. He also provided me with a welcome reminder that not all religious men are narrow minded.

YMCA Stained GlassSt Aloysius ChurchView from St. Aloysius Doorway

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