St, Mary’s, The Idiot’s View, Part the First

On pretty much every trip we do Tabula Rasa and I end up taking one or more of the same photos.  There are just some views that beg for a photo and you’d have to be pretty much blind to not see it and shoot it.  Generally we split up, but stay within shouting distance of one another for safety’s sake.  This trip I think we managed to diverge quite a bit (though both of us took a photo of the same thing in at least two instances, perhaps we’ll post them together and ask for everyone’s input to compare and contrast later).


First, your obligatory hallway photo with an improvement.

  2 24 13 hospital 055

Oh hey, I found radiology!

2 24 13 hospital 006

I walked past this at least 3 times before I noticed it.

2 24 13 hospital 126

One response

  1. tabularasa88

    Damn. I totally missed radiology. Nice hallway shot with clock, too.

    February 27, 2013 at 6:45 am

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