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Hauntings and Unease

I am plagued by several odd daydreams and fantasies that become prominent during these urban explorations. I’ve had them in one form or another since childhood. One is the thought that I am the last man on earth. Some terrible war/plague/zombie apocalypse has wiped out all humanity save me. I’m left in a deserted, decaying world. Though terrifying, I find this strangely compelling, even soothing.




Another is the idea that the whole world is imbued with spirits good and bad, but mostly fickle and pernicious.  Each place is haunted with forces whose strengths grow when people leave the area. Thus when I walk through an abandoned building, I am tempting malign forces around every corner. I really shouldn’t have read all that Lovecraft when I was young.




I grew up hearing a lot of stories of the Polish resistance during World War Two. Partisans in the woods sabotaging rail lines or urban squads launching daring raids on German supply depots. As a kid, every trip was imagined as a mission. Though rarely nowadays, I’ll still look at a copier ominously crouched in the middle of a wrecked office and think, “there’s a Nazi on the other side of that thing.”



Istanbul II

The people watching in Istanbul was fun. We Americans tend to congregate only in designated areas, and then mainly for consuming something or other. So I was delighted my first night to see a group of people in the street, dancing. Near as I could tell, they were all passers-by that were sucked into the music.



One of my favorite scenes was at Galata bridge, where scores of fisherman lined up to fish. At night, with the lights of the city catching their fishing lines, it was a sight to behold. Unfortunately, without a tripod, this was the best I could do.



The Grand Bazaar is a great place to wander around for a while, if not to shop.




A boat tour of the Bosphorus was a great way to spend the final afternoon.



My Piano Has No Legs

This Sunday last we decided that we would go poke around the old Palace Theater.


Imagine my surprise when I saw this sitting in the pit that was once the stage.

Piano Corpse


For 40 years this piano has sat here.  Forgotten.

My Piano Has No Legs


Into the Pool

At the empty pool of a defunct Radisson hotel in the moribund center of Gary.



Just imagine you’re poking about the third floor of a 7 floor building in the dead of winter.  And then you see this hallway.

icy hall

Just in case you wondered why I do this, it is because of moments like this.  Over an inch of sheer, glassy ice coating the floor, in the middle of a building.  I felt I stepped out of reality in to a dream.


I visited this city some years back. It is a photographer’s dream. Unfortunately, I barely qualified as one back then. After some reediting recently, I’ve found a few I think are worth sharing.

From inside the gate of Topkapi palace, where the old sultans resided.


Also at the palace.


The Hagia Sophia seen from Topkapi.




Over the past couple of months I’ve been going through my oldest photos and posting them mostly in random posts.  This particular photo has been lurking in the file folder waiting its chance, and after Tabula Rasa posted a shot of the same subject matter in his post “Reward” I wasn’t sure if I should post it any time soon.  Then I decided it would be nice to show yet again how differently we see the same subject.

gary10 143

Something Different

For a change of pace, have a pretty orchid.





Drab Cheer


Man this place is looking a little beat up and drab, how about some fake flowers to spruce things up?

false cheer

Yeah, that did the job nicely.