I plan things.  Most of the time I am willing to just along with whatever, but when I get an idea or have a mission, I plan things.

I had Sunday all mapped out, we were going to be hitting several locations and I wanted to explore a building or two that looked promising on Google Maps.  I changed my mind, changed it again, and settled into an idea of what my day was going to be.  Then, opportunity arose.

My day ended up going nothing like planned, and we never made it to the building I wanted to see.  I couldn’t be happier.  I still managed to get almost all the photos I needed for my project, and then some.

St John Hospital 2

I have so many photos I’m not even sure where to start, planning fail.

St John Hospital Triple Arch

I have a little project going on the side which I will be telling all of you about soon, but for now I’ll just say that there was a reason I needed to see St. John’s Hospital from more than one angle.  St. John Hospital

Oh really? Tell me more....

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