The Downtown Sheraton

As exploring goes, there isn’t much to this gutted, fourteen story tower that is a must see. The city in recent months has gotten more thorough in trying to seal the building off; signs warning of asbestos are on every padlocked gate and door. They might be true, but could only apply to the dank first floor. From the second story up, the entire edifice is stripped bare to its concrete skeleton. That might be the most remarkable thing about this hotel, that everything from the interior walls to even bathroom floor tile has been taken away. Here is the second story pool deck.


Sheraton Pool Deck


As you head upstairs, monotony sets in. Every floor looks the same. Occasionally, a bit of graffiti provides some relief.


Graffiti in Sheraton



It is the roof of this, the tallest building in Gary, that provides some of the best views. Up here, I dispensed with camera and tripod and turned to the iPhone, whose panoramic camera function comes in handy in places like these.

073 (2)

Looking West From Sheraton





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