Crossing the Line

Nature knows no boundaries, and given the opportunity will always cross the line between the areas designated by humans as to be “for humans”, and the areas where it tolerated.  Often in the context of an industrial site this means the patch of grass along the drive and a shrub or two by the office door as “landscaping”.  I often find urban plantings quite depressing for this very reason.

A large part of the magic in the Grief Brothers factory is where natural forces have crossed the artificial boundaries we have placed.  Tabula Rasa took a photo here that is the embodiment of this concept.

I found myself rather entranced with this tree that has managed to reach quite far into what was once part of the main hall of the factory.



Yet in other places the greenery has mostly stayed on the other side of the line.  It is biding its time, awaiting the failing of a key roof support perhaps.

ivy wall


No where was the demarcation between inside and outside more obvious than at this point.  One wonders if the tree that grew there was once planted by some industrious squirrel  40 years ago then forgot about it, or if the wind bore the seed there to take root in a small crack in the pavement.

exit snb

As for me, I found a different exit to use that day.


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