Cute Overload

I’ve been hanging on to these photos for far too long, it is time for some more Takin baby action.

I mentioned that last time I was at the zoo they were feeling frisky and acting like adorable fools, here is the evidence.

takin dash


High speed galumphing!

takin baby running


And it wasn’t just the one either!  It isn’t easy to get both of them into the frame at once, but I got lucky.

scampering takin babies


There was a fair amount of play fighting too, practice for when they’re all grown up big boys.

takin babies tussle


Some times, you just have to jump around for the sheer joy of it.

takin baby dance

One response

  1. tabularasa88

    Extra points for use of ‘galumphing’.

    June 26, 2013 at 6:46 pm

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