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Inca Terns- a study

One of my favorite birds in the Lincoln Park Zoo’s aviary are the Inca Terns.  Every time I am there I try to capture what it is that delights me so much about them, today I offer you a brief study of these charming and silly birds.

inca tern couple

Inca Tern

inca tern 6

inca tern 4

inca tern 2

inca tern 5

inca tern 3


Weaver Bird

Weaver Bird




Assistens Cemetary, Copenhagen

I’m a fan of cemeteries in general. Of old cemeteries in European capitals, even more. The Assistens Kirkegaard in Denmark is full of gorgeous statuary, as well as the final resting place of Hans Christian Andersen. Photograph from a biting winter’s day in the January of 2012.





The Auditorium at the Methodist Church

Life and Thought have gone away
Side by side,
Leaving door and windows wide.
Careless tenants they!

All within is dark as night:
In the windows is no light;
And no murmur at the door,
So frequent on its hinge before.

Close the door; the shutters close;
Or through the windows we shall see
The nakedness and vacancy
Of the dark deserted house.

Come away: no more of mirth
Is here or merry-making sound.
The house was builded of the earth,
And shall fall again to ground.

Come away: for Life and Thought
Here no longer dwell;
But in a city glorious –
A great and distant city -have bought
A mansion incorruptible.
Would they could have stayed with us!

The Deserted House by Alfred Lord Tennyson



A Stage.



A fractal quality is present in the sites whose pictures you see here.
Like a nautilus, shell-within-shell retreating ad infinitum.
These empty buildings:
The closer you look, the less empty they are.



The old Gary post office is one of the top locations for urbex in Gary, and as such we don’t go by very often.  This last trip we decided to take The Spaniard there and take a look around to see what has changed in the almost 2 years since our last visit.  For one thing, the ferns have grown quite a bit.


I’m just not sure which shot I like better.



A Chair

in a corner


I’ll leave it to the viewer to attempt to figure out what building I took this in.doors


In this particular corner of the Methodist church, debris has been accumulating. Some objects have clearly been dragged here, for what purpose is anyone’s guess. Mine is not to ask why, but to take pictures, and the scene that presented itself I found compelling. Here is the result, after a bit of HDR magic.



Things in their natural state.