Sometimes I feel a little like this.

close up broken block glass

These past two weeks I’ve been worn down by work and I haven’t taken a vacation in over a year.  Hell, I haven’t even taken a single day off.  I’m so tired that I am at the point where on my days off I have to make a check list of tasks to complete just so I can get my laundry done and have clean clothes for work the next day.

What little photography I’ve gotten up to since summer started hasn’t been enough, and more importantly I haven’t done as much exploring as I would like.  We’ve run dry of locations that are easy access (Gary has been good to us in that regard),  I’m not in good enough shape to be jumping fences and running from security and don’t really want to run afoul with the law, so I’m a little stuck on finding new places.

This weekend we’re going to run around the Gary Post Office a bit, and check out a couple of other locations in Miller Beach that I’ve heard about, but I don’t have high hopes for them.  But then, I rarely have high hopes for a new location until I’ve been there for myself.

Oh really? Tell me more....

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