Feral Chairs

I have previously documented the location of sofa hell, where ugly sofas go to suffer for an eternity for crimes against good taste.  On our most recent trip we discovered a related location, chair purgatory.  Here mildly uncomfortable school chairs and desks quietly inhabit a gymnasium, slowly collecting dust and bird droppings.

chair purgatory

Unlike the sofa hell, here there is a chance the chairs may one day escape their torment and run free and feral through the desolate fields of Gary.  Though they may never know the joy of being warmed by a butt ever again, they can instead soak up the rays of sunshine as they slowly frolic along.

The life of a feral school chair is not an easy one, they have many natural predators, such rust and bored teens.  However, just one month of freedom is worth not spending an eternity in that musty gym, waiting for someone to see their value and liberate them into a good home where they will be cherished and loved.  They are too old, too ugly, too out of date.  Run Free, little chairs, Run Wild.

escaping chairs

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