Changes and News

I’m working on making a few changes around here, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed the new header photo, but I’ve also updated the “About” section recently.  This blog has come a lot further and lasted a lot longer than I ever expected it to, and I never expected to have regular followers or commenters.  A big thank you to everyone who checks in regularly!

I’m still working on a simply way to let you guys know at a glance if it is myself (TIP) or Tabula Rasa posting, we’ll see.  For the moment we’ve got all of our posts from the time I invited him to blog with me labeled by category, so you can search the archives by photographer.  I really need to get this sorted out soon, as the third member of our little group, Bent Bottle, will be joining the blog shortly as well.  Some years ago (2 or 3, I think) Tabula Rasa named our group “The Sublime League of the Holy Lens”.  At this point, once Bent Bottle joins us, I may consider changing the blog name to that, though I will be keeping the URL as it is for the time being.  I’m also considering moving to paid subscription so you all don’t have to look at all those ugly ads every time you stop by.


Other things I am considering include offering a limited run of prints of my work, so if you’re interested please let me know in the comments section.  If you include a link to the post along with a description of the photo, well, I would find that very helpful.  I’m not sure how many people out there are interested in having photos of ruins on their living room wall, but I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one.

In other news Tabula Rasa and I will be doing a week long road trip in October so there will be a week with little to no updates.  Our plan is to explore in the St. Loius area for a few days and then head up to Detroit to visit friends and explore the Packard Plant for a couple of days.  Knowing us we’ll get sidetracked pretty quickly and find some other random places to poke around in.  I have the bonus of having a co-worker from Detroit who knows several locations so that should give us  wealth of photos to share through the long, cold winter.  We love Gary, but need to take a break since we’ve explored pretty much everything there.

In September we have a couple of weekend trips we’re considering, including a visit to Cleveland, looks like I need to get my research going, since I don’t think I’ve seen anything from that area before.

We’ve got plans for winter exploration in Gary as well, I want to go back to Grief Brothers after a big snow, among other things.  Here is to hoping the weather cooperates with us!

I want to thank each and every one of you for stopping by to share in the stories of our adventures, we would still do this without an audience but we really appreciate that you’ve taken a moment to stop by and take a look.

As of today we now have a Facebook page, The Idiot Photographer.  Look for us!

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