My Kind of Holiday

Finally, we’re coming up to my favorite holiday of all.  Ok fine, the only one I even remotely like if I’m going to be honest about it.  Really I’ll just take any excuse to celebrate in the autumn, and Halloween it a great excuse for it.  The days are getting shorter, the nights cooler, the trees are decked out in red, yellow, orange and brown.  My love of cheesy horror movies is granted a temporary pass by society (not that I care one bit, just ask Tabula Rasa who has, on more than one occasion, questioned my movie viewing choices.)


I love the idea of playing at someone or something else for a day.  I love the pagan roots of the holiday, the celebration of a good harvest hopefully), a preparing for the coming winter, a remembrance of those who have passed away before us.  The imagination is allowed free rein at Halloween, more so than any other holiday out there.   I can pretty much skip the commercial aspects of it without a bit of care.  Also, as an apartment dweller I get no trick or treaters and can just view them from afar.


That all said, some of my house dwelling neighbors who do entertain the trick or treaters still love the holiday as much as I do.  Even the dogs get in on the show.

halloweenie dogs

2 responses

  1. Alex

    Hahaha, this is brilliant. As an Australian who doesn’t really celebrate or understand Halloween, I find the American love of the holiday fascinating.

    And with pictures like this, my curiosity only gets stronger. Great stuff…

    September 26, 2013 at 3:03 am

    • It is a delightful holiday, I’m glad to share the love.

      September 27, 2013 at 9:01 pm

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