On Bridges

During our weekend in St. Louis we spent a bit of time contemplating the bridges of the region.  In the city they are not the prettiest structures around which I found a little peculiar given that I am accustomed to bridges that have been gussied up a little bit and not left looking totally utilitarian and industrial.  Our river is no where near as impressive as theirs, but generally our bridges have generally been painted or lit to be visually striking  to those using them or passing by.  It wasn’t something I noticed right away, but after a discussion with our bartender at Bailey’s Range (they make the best hipster burgers I’ve ever had.  Seriously, if you’re ever in the area go there, get the Korean BBQ duck burger and tell James we say hello.  You won’t regret it.) we got a tip on a rather striking bridge not too far from town.  You’ve seen the view from it in TR’s most recent post so I decided to share the bridge itself.

brdg frm car

I don’t have an ultra-wide angle lens, so rather than trek up the bridge on foot for a view of Alton I chose to go the other direction and scurry down the riverbank for a view of the bridge.


brdg vew

While fighting the brambles and spiders I decided to go ahead and attempt a pano of Alton itself since I thought the gaudy casino riverboats made a nice contrast to the industrial and stoic character of the town as seen from the far bank.



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