So tomorrow’s weather forecast is calling for a delightful 31F with snow showers and I’m totally geared up for an explore.  It is going to be cold and we’ll have a couple of buddies along to do something we haven’t done in too long, a scouting trip.

Scouting trips are always exciting as we never know quite what we’re going to find, there is that wild hope that we’ll come across something totally wonderful and unusual that will warrant a return trip despite knowing the reality is that it often ends with something a little more like this.

12 30 12 231

Usually scouting trips tend to be just Tabula Rasa and me but this time we have a first timer and The Spaniard with us.   Hopefully this will not lead to a repeat of the “dogs.  Dogs!  DOGS!” incident a few years back when Tabula Rasa’s son joined us on his first trip.

Instead of dogs and lost chairs, I will hold out the hope we will find something a little more like this.

gary 12 23 12 140

2 responses

  1. Godspeed. I’m holding out hope you guys come across a piano. Then we’ll know everything is right in the universe. :-)

    December 31, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    • LOL, we found 2 very badly damaged pianos. Well, one half of a piano and the metal from a second.

      December 31, 2013 at 7:24 pm

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