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Saints Above Again!

Young explorers keen on earning their Junior Urbex boy scout merit badges (straight, all-American boys only need apply) will be well served to keep this motto in mind when afield: “always look up.”



Saints Above!

st l 069

Saint Laurence Church, 1911-2014

Today’s trip yielded many photographs that will need editing for days to come. The jury’s out on the results, but it was a great day to get out and shoot. We’ll be bringing you many shots in the coming days of this nearly century-old church and its adjacent parochial school. We may also be bringing you pictures from a guest photographer whose intel brought us to this church today.
Currently, St. Laurence is in the process of demolition, with the back wall completely gone. It makes for an unnerving dollhouse effect when viewed from the rear. Apparently, preservationists have been trying to save this building since it was shuttered in 2005. Those efforts ended the way most preservation efforts do in Chicago, so here we are.






Crown Fountain at Millenium Park, Chicago.



Still Alive


Goodbye, Argentina

It is unfortunate that this last post of my series on Buenos Aires would fall on the day of their loss in the World Cup final. I did watch the whole damn thing, hoping that the clock would wind down and the match would go to penalty kicks, as the Germans seem to dominate more as the game went on, and penalties seemed like the Argentinians best chance at stealing the Cup. Alas, not to be.

Here are some shots from around the city, with no particular theme other than they were shots I deemed blogworthy, but found no place for in other posts.


San Telmo Graystone

One of the many decrepit buildings in Buenos Aires:


For Sale



Basketball Court Mural


Goodbye, Argentina




Working On It

Sometimes as you’re on your way out of a location you see something, that special something that demands you stop and do something about it.  Most of the time nothing gets to come of the image since it was taken in a hurry and I didn’t get to take much time to compose it.  In the case of Gary Indiana it generally isn’t a problem to go back and reshoot is simple, but in the case of this particular image a reshoot will never be possible.  By the time we made it back out to the area a key element was gone so I have to make do with what I have.  This is the nature of photography, if you miss your moment it will never there again and this particular image has taught me the important lesson of never assuming I might get to visit a place again.   I keep working on it, thinking that it might one day be presentable, here is to hoping.

tree dreams

Buenos Aires At Night

Shots of the Casa Rosada, or pink house, which is the presidential palace of Argentina. One theory on the origin of the distinct color of the palace is that bull’s blood was used in the first coat of paint, supposedly to counteract the effects of humidity on the structure. Whatever the case, it makes for a visually striking building, especially at night.



And here is the Obelisk, meant to celebrate some military victory or other. I don’t remember. It’s enough that it’s tall and phallic, that’s enough for some compelling photography.