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An Elegy

A mournful poem, song, or lamentation for the dead.
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I Trip The Moss Fantastic

I felt a bit inspired by the Idiot Photographer’s previous post (see it here) to come up with a suitable response. Detail and macro photography has always been a weak spot for me, but I throw my hat into the ring with this shot.



Window Garden

window garden



Hello, Cleveland!

The Idiot Photographer has for some time been posting shots from our recent trip to Ohio, so it’s up to me to catch up. We spent most of our time in Cleveland, so it’s fitting we begin here. Below: Carnegie Avenue bridge over the Cuyahoga River.


Turn Your Speakers Down

Can you hear the wallpaper from where you’re sitting?


Good Morning

cleveland 2014 281

I Need An Editor

I inevitably reach this point with any batch of photos, at which I have lost my ability to objectively judge the quality of what I’m posting. Shots long dismissed catch my eye; was I too hasty in judging them harshly? The pictures I was quite happy with initially now seem to be trite and cliche. When was I right? Or was I ever right? Bah! Whatever. I’m going to have a whiskey.

Meanwhile, here’s the best of the rest. If any of these tickle your art button, let me know.



The Crawling Suit


Exterior Detail #1


Exterior Detail #2


Floor Mushroom!


Can’t You Read?

Here’s what I do know: upcoming will be a rather lengthy series on the Great Ohio Endeavor, shots from which you’ve already seen from the Idiot Photographer.


The Louderspeaker Spoke Up and Said…

cleveland 2014 539

Back To Class

A pair of heavy steel sliding doors led through to a relatively clean, carpeted space. It seems that, after Sears had left, a school had used a section of the massive complex as its campus.