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We’ve Moved!


We’ve been working on a new site to showcase our work for a little while. It finally is up, updated and live today. Besides displaying photos better, it has a bio section for each of us (we are a quartet) with a best-of portfolio and even a section to inquire about purchasing a print! Our cheeky new name is Slothl, an acronym for the Sublime League Of the Holy Lens, because we are fancy like that. Here is a handy link to the new site:



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Which path would you chose?

In Passing

A slow, snow filled drive, hours long through an early Sunday morning left us wandering the halls and rooms of a rambling maze, formerly a military installation.  Turning and twisting, the halls all look the same, and empty echoing room after echoing room I wandered further from my companions as we lost ourselves in the eerie silence of a place shunned.

Subtle evidence that we were not the only creatures to visit this place abounded for those looking, and I was glad that I did not cross paths with any but the smallest inhabitants.

gate smmlr




tp full

20+ years and still sitting there like it was yesterday…. Can’t imagine why.

Room 2

rm2 blog

Some days it is just nice to know where you are.


Shadows and Rust

Wandering out a door into the wilderness I find myself confronted with a wall of rust and the shadows of trees dancing across the face of it.

shadow play

Remembering Summer

In the depths of winter, snow and cold I remember summer and the song of cicadas.



Stop a moment, take a break.  Enjoy the view.


wadding 082_3_4_6_tonemapped


Snow Haze

snow day

Little Worlds

Each block of glass is its own little world living out microscopic dramas in the afternoon sunlight.

algae glass