Packard Hallway II

                                                                A dark hallway opens

                                                               Onto morning’s blaze


Packard Hallway Morning

Packard Hall

So it seems we have a new theme for the week…


Packard Hallway I

Regular readers may be loathe to remember the game of ‘Duelin’ Staircases’ the Idiot Photographer and I played last week, a game she won when I was forced to finally jump the shark. I figure it is time to turn to another calling card of ours: a preoccupation with decrepit hallways. This shot is looking down a corridor of what were once offices.


Graffiti Hallway

The second visit to a location is more than just a chance to re-shoot that one really cool thing that you missed out on.

the hand again2

It is a chance to really get to know a place.  Now that you’ve seen the big obvious stuff you can take your time and let it all soak in.  You get to slow down and really enjoy being in a place instead of the thrilling, frantic pace of trying to make sure you’ve seen everything.   Our second visit to Packard was no exception, and while I ended up taking fewer photos than the first time I also spent more time in the moment just enjoying that I was there, with the people I was with, and the play of light across the floor.

block glass

Open Grave





Packard hazard.







Remnants of top story and elevator motor house glimpsed through slabs of the collapsed roof.



Grand Collapse II

The slumped face of the southwest building of the Packard campus is where the sheer scale of decay hits home. The collapse here seems less like a function of time and weather and more like the product of a violent force of nature, stilled momentarily for us to behold. I never got around to getting the exterior view of this section last October, so I made up for lost opportunities last month.






drifting bgI could have gone down these stairs but chose not to.  They were too pretty.

French Balconies


Doors to nowhere stacked floor-over-floor at the Packard plant in Detroit.





Son of Stairs 2: Electric Boogaloo

When you’ve been trading stair-themed posts with your co-blogger for a few days, acceptable post titles dry up quickly, especially when you are attempting to come up with said title late at night. Sometimes it’s best to overshoot the sublime and land in the ridiculousness.


Stair to Perdition.

Wait, wait! Van Gogh’s Stairy night!
How about, Quit Stairing At Me, You’re Freaking Me Out?
Wait, where you going?