t.I.P. Portfolio

Don’t want to scroll through 4 years of photos to find my best?  Well then, you’re in the right spot.  This is a collection of both my personal and reader favorites.




Police Order

police order

Postal Wonderland

postal wonderland


The Floor Divergent

the floor divergent


Piano Blockade

piano blockade


Room With a View

the view edited

All the Time all the time


Frozen Church church nave





The Way Down Below bg


Green Exit

exit snb



All That Remains fire hose B&W


New Managementmanagment


Keep Off

keep off


Can You Hear the Music?

Emerson Random Room



door 1



2 24 13 hospital 055


The Blue Curtain

curtain and wall






Locked Out


In Drag


Coming Out

Gary Drag 2 154



Not Lost

Gary Drag 2 343



Gary Drag 2 188




Morning Ritual




buck IP


Black and White, Naturally

many stripes


Ring Tail Lemur

rtl tongue


All in Good Fun

takin babies tussle



emerald tree boa


Orange Cat


One response

  1. Walter Pruitt

    Hello! My name is Walter. I really love your photograph of the united Methodist church! I was wondering if my band could have the authorization to use one of the photos as art work for my bands single? If so that would be great! Please let me know, thank you!!

    May 18, 2017 at 5:44 pm

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