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Number 8

Once again into the archives I’ve gone, to delete all the rejects and archive the rest.  Currently I’m working my way through my photos from our trips to Arlington race track.  I spent a lot of time down at the ring trying to get some good shots to show the personalities of the horses and this fellow had quite the expressive face. He was a little excited.


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8 1

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Race Day part 2

The grooms were probably wondering who this crazy lady with a camera was, taking a hundred pictures of them walking their horses out in the paddock before the race.  This one in particular didn’t seem to appreciate it much, but his horse was acting up the whole time so how could I resist?

I dare you to smile before a race your horse is in!

Possibly my favorite shot of the day.  This fellow went on to win his race, and I’ll mention he is dun in color, a little unusual for a Thoroughbred.

The Races

So I spent the day at Arlington Racetrack today.  Like going to the zoo I have mixed feelings about horse racing,  the waste of animal life, the amount of abuse that comes out of it, these things are appalling.  But it is easy to forget these things when you’re at a nice track Arlington where the horses are well cared for even when they’re a little nutty, like this fellow.  Still, I enjoyed myself despite my lacking of wagering, and went for the photo opportunities.

Doesn’t that make you just want to play with his nose?  Way back when I drove horse carriages for a living and lip rodeo was always a favorite game for myself and some of my horses.

So here is my question is which is better?  This or the next?

You can clicky the photo to make it all bigger and the like.

>Race Day

So I spent most of Derby day over at Arlington Racetrack, where it was cool, overcast and at times lightly raining. Not much hope for a decent picture in those conditions, especially given the limits of my camera. Most of the day was actually spent on the escalator, going between the paddock and our viewing box.

Since it was so gray out nothing I shot of the races themselves are worthwhile, but a couple of the paddock images came out decent enough. I suppose.

I think I need to learn to chill out and stop obsessing over taking pictures at every event I go to, but I can’t. Everywhere I look I see another shot, get another idea, ask my self “I wonder how that would look if I…” and away I go again.

Overall I am fairly happy with these pictures given the constraints of the situation. It makes me want to go back and try again, especially now that I’ve got a couple of ideas that I was unable to follow through with yesterday.