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Leaving Utah


On our way home we decided to stop by Dinosaur National Park since I had not been there in almost 30 years.  I could hardly remember the place to be honest, other than “Dinosaurs!”.   Inside a building there is a giant wall of fossils, left embedded in the rock for all to see and appreciate.  Here we see a Camarasaurus  skull and neck vertebrae frozen in time.  It is a humbling and awe inspiring place to stand, in the grave site of creatures that existed millions of years before humans did, yet we can still touch their bones and learn about the world they lived in.


Now it is time to head back to Chicago, I’ve done several photo trips since my Utah vacation and the urban exploring photos are piling up, waiting to be posted.  Not to say I couldn’t find a location or two to poke my nose into while in Utah, that is.