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A Quiet Moment

Bristol Faire is always busy and full of sound, except here and there you find moments of tranquility.  Usually you find these moments down by the Royal Court’s area in between their sessions.

They have several little tent “houses” set up for some the more major players in the court, such as the Archbishop of Canterbury.  I must say his is my favorite of these little tent houses; it set up as a parlor where he can meet with people, or play a game of chess.  Most of the time this parlor is passed by if he is not there, but every now and again someone takes advantage of the chess board just sitting there.

Early in the day I spotted the chess board and stopped to take a couple of quick photos, only briefly wishing my friends and I had split up to catch different shows.  To be honest I’d have gotten my butt kicked by either of them, I’m just not that great at chess.

Still, I always admire the more detailed chess pieces, and this set looks like they’ve received some good use while being well cared for.

Later on in the day I wandered back to court to see if there was anything interesting going, and I spotted a young couple who had sat down to take advantage of the shade, chairs and chess board.

I admit, it made me smile.

Street Chess

I am on vacation this week (whee!) and have finally found a chance to sit down a update my poor neglected blog.  Sorry for the delay, it was really a case of having nothing new to post and preparing for a house guest.

This week is full of running around acting like a tourist and taking pictures everywhere, so I figured I’d try some candid street photography since as we all know I don’t think I have any great skill in photographing people.  Here I offer you street chess, anyone can walk up and play a round of chess or checkers against anyone else who may want to play a game.