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On Christmas

While I rarely ever “like” anything on anyone else’s blogs I do look quite a bit.  I don’t use the “like” button very often because to me it still means something; I’m the same way on FaceBook, the home of the “like” button.  In my recent reading of blogs I follow and blogs that have liked one of my posts I’ve noticed a very sharp increase in the Christmas theme for everyone.  It suddenly occurs to me that perhaps some may wonder why I am declining to join the postings of holiday themed photos.

Not to say that I haven’t taken a few holiday themed photos in my life, I have.  Usually though they are personal and revolve around capturing memories of my nieces as little children or fun times with dear friends.  In short they are not the type of photos to be posted in a blog about photography.  Also, I don’t care about Christmas.

Yes, that is right, I said it.  I don’t care about Christmas.  I won’t go so far as to say I hate or dislike it, I just don’t care.  If the holiday suddenly ceased to be I would not miss it in the least.  I’m one of THOSE people.   Perhaps it has something to with having driven horse carriages in a Chicago for 6 Christmas seasons.  You’re really exposed to the worst side of humanity when you work in a service field around he holidays, not the evil and cruel bestial side of people, but the apathetic self-serving cold indifference side of humanity.  I’ve given rides to families that just dropped several thousand dollars on American Girl Store, entertained their kids for an hour and even let them “drive the horsie” (meaning I let them hold the end of the lines behind my hands and taught them the commands) and after dropping 60 or 70 dollars on the ride see fit to not tip me.  Even though the doorman mentioned we work for tips.  Even though *I* mentioned I work for tips.

Couple that with the fact that I have no religious affiliation with which to tie myself into a a celebration of the re-birth of the sun or the birth of a god and I’m pretty much done.

The lights are pretty, the shiny baubles are shiny, and I’m just a little too jaded to care.  I only see it as s season of consumerist greed and annoying songs.  Well, I’ll relent a little here and admit I like one Christmas song.  Not that I really like the holiday.  To me it is a time to get together with friends, exchange a few small gifts and have dinner and drinks.  We do that randomly through the year anyhow.  As my family is all of the moderately to seriously religious bent they celebrate with that in mind plus the gift giving, but it always makes me feel little like an outsider.

Now that I’ve explained why I don’t care about the winter solstice, Saturnalia, Christmas, or whatever you’d like to call it I suppose I should put in some suitable winter themed photo as this is, after all, my photoblog.  One of my personal favorites is here but I suppose it isn’t festive enough for this portion of the month.   How about the church in Gary, with a gentle dusting of snow?

snow church ip

With that I bid you all a very merry whatever holiday you celebrate and a fantastic new year.