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Little House On The Prairie

This little (not really LITTLE) house intrigues me.  There’s not a single tree surrounding it, which is rare on the Saskatchewan prairie (wind breaks…don’t want to lose that precious topsoil)…and the first time I visited it the front door (devoid of glass) was locked.



The vast Canadian prairies are vast.

Detroit Sunrise


I have barely started editing my shots from Saturday, but it was fitting to start off with the beginning of our day: sunrise. I;m not sure if any of my shots will turn out to be memorable, but I won’t soon forget how really, really fucking cold it was.


Here be cold.

Pigeon Pile

The local pigeons know how to keep warm, tuck into a heap under the heat lamps at the train station.  Amusingly enough even though it was around 14 degrees out the humans braved the cold and left the heat lamps to the birds.