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The Assumption of the Piano

…being what can be had with a stage, an open skylight, and an adequately collapsed upright piano.



Desk and chair in arrangement.


Open Grave





Packard hazard.


The Gothiest Thing That Ever Did Goth

There is a cemetery just across the tracks to the west of the Packard plant, something which is often overlooked both literally and figuratively. Having consumed many Reese’s confections as a child and possessing the superior artistic acumen that comes with having a blog, I quickly descried two great things that go great together. Should I be accused of being maudlin, or of laying it on too thick, I will gladly stand those slings and arrows to bring you this, the photograph that goes to eleven. Ladies and gentlemen, kids in lycra capes and cheap eyeliner, I give you: gravestones as seen from inside a ruined factory.







Holy Mother of dirty laundry, Batman!

Pilsen is one of those neighborhoods that no matter where you go, the Virgin Mary follows you.  Even to the laundromat  (or Lavanderia as you would say in Spanish)  This might be one of the creepier Marys we spotted, there is just something …. wrong….. with her face.


As some may have noticed, the Oscars were last Sunday.  I have finally started sorting through my photos from the Oscar party I went to.  Normally Oscar parties aren’t my thing, but Robyn and Misty throw the best Oscar Drag party you could imagine.

This year Robyn went as Jessica Rabbit.

I also played around a little bit with deliberate camera motion when the big lights weren’t on, this is the best of the lot but overall it isn’t a technique I like very much.

Winter Shadows

Little Statue

I like this guy.  I saw him a case of at least 30 other statuettes at the Field Museum and he was the only one I really liked.  He’s sassy, stylish and has awesome facial hair.

Best of all I actually got the perspective correct, and the aperture too for a change.

The View From Chinatown

I’m going to take a step back before stepping forward.  This is, I think, likely my best photo from our evening trip the other weekend.

I’ve moved my blog to WordPress and am hoping the flexibility in formatting will showcase my photos better than Blogger.  I was using Blogger out of laziness, I had the account since 2008 and didn’t even bother looking at other blog hosting sites.  Of course, I still have to compete with the demands of life in the real world and kittens who know how to do more on my keyboard than I do.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to posting more of the Drag Queens in Gary, in the meantime I’m going to poke around here and see what kind of shenanigans I can get into.

>Who Needs Sleep?

This is one of those pictures that suffers from being being posted here in such a tiny format, but it gives you a really good idea what I was out doing last night.

My friend and I loaded up and went out in search of the best view of the Chicago skyline we could find, and in one night only managed to hit 3 spots before calling it a day. This was partly due to all the lake shore parks being closed and partly because we had been snacked on by so many mosquitoes the itching was interfering with doing anything productive. Of course, it was well after midnight when we called it in, so we got about 3 hours of shooting done on this trip.

I gave up trusting my camera’s programing to give me a good exposure about 15 minutes into the trip and switched over using the bulb exposure mode, which only confirmed that I need to get one of those little handheld plug-in triggers since on the best days I can’t hold very still for more than a 2 count. It didn’t help that I closed my aperture down all the way for a large field of depth, something that in retrospect I’m not sure I needed to since the skyline is pretty much on one level, and you’d never be able to tell that the lake was out of focus.

Since we had a very overcast night and we were pretty far from the city’s core I went for the emphasis on the sheer amount of light pollution Chicago produces, and contrasted it with the blackness of the lake. It was slightly noticeable to the naked eye but at longer exposures it really popped out how above downtown there is a massive bright spot in the sky. I just wish the clouds had a little more texture, but that just means I need to go out and shoot again, something both my friend and I are all for.

In other news, tomorrow is the day of the Gary, Indiana photoshoot with drag queens. I’m so excited! Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep tonight.