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Damen Silos II

Yesterday’s post offered some views of the exteriors; today, we go inside. Unfortunately, only the basement and ground floor were accessible, the stairs being nonexistent above a certain point. The basement offered some fantastical sights, with each room crowned with a silo bung.


Silo Bottom and Hallway.


Silo and Chair.

Other areas showed clear signs of recent occupancy. It was clear, too, that these were no ordinary homeless or drug addict squatters. Certainly the extent of housekeeping in the picture below speaks to a more organized presence, with food on shelves and clothes on racks. My guess would be that these were the anarchists/hippies/primitivists of the recent Occupy Movement, which had a presence in nearby downtown. On the metal stove in the foreground is the clearly visible scrawl, “their end is our beginning.”


Anarchist Den?

Finally, in some truly hard to reach catacombs in the subbasement we found this, painted carefully across the dank wall.


Slumdweller Manifesto.

What I still can’t fathom is the motive for this graffito. Only the occupants themselves or rather determined explorers (ahem) would ever see this. Is it a mission statement? A warning? Whatever the case, it would certainly be ironic if these people, so determined to live off the grid, were ultimately forced to move so as to make way for Hollywood filming the latest Transformers vehicle here.

Damen Silos

A well known urbex site in Chicago are the so-called Damen silos, just off the Stevenson expressway and Damen Avenue. They’ve gained notoriety recently after filming was done here for Transformers: Shia LaBeouf: ReBeouf. At least I think that’s what it was. Some elements of the silos were removed during the filming, making for a tougher explore, but they were still worth a visit.



Skyline Framed.






In the next post I’ll have pictures from the interior, which include some rather creepy evidence of recent squatters.