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Into the Sticks

rural spookhouse 2 BLOG

Rural Spook House
1914 attic BLOGProps to Gerald for tagging this spot 100 years before my arrival.

His ghost now haunts the attic, and this was the only graffiti on the entire property.

Lyons House, Manitoba, Canada

Lyons Abandoned-3All of this home’s former inhabitants are long gone…but this house still stands empty and cold another year.

Forbidden Zone

Some say that’s where man began
On this wasted piece of land
Where evolution’s yet to show…
forbidden zone 2 blog
forbidden planet 2 blog

Secret Passageway

secret passageway blogDark and bleak abandonment.

Hallowed Be Thy Name

bell 2Instructions:
1. Tie bell rope around neck
2. Jump down tower shaft
3. Suffer an artistic death

A View From The Choir

Saint Laurence church, looking east from mezzanine.



…being the careless arrangement of information carefully arrayed.




A lonely bingo machine sits on a community center stage. A little Googling yielded this video, which shows this  model in all its glorious circa-1983 action.



The sport of asthmatics.


Classroom Gothic

Burned out primary school, Gary, Indiana.





Eastown Theater

Most of you that check in on this blog regularly read the news earlier today that my coblogger, the eponymous Idiot Photographer, lost her entire photo collection due to a computer crash. We’re hoping that with some help, she’ll be able to recover much of what’s lost. In the meantime, I feel like the clown that has been pushed out into the ring to entertain the crowd while the acrobat’s gruesome compound fracture looms in the background. Nothing to see there, folks! Look at me. Yuk yuk yuk!
And so,¬† I present the next stop on our tour of Detroit: the Eastown Theater. Opened in 1931, it was one of the city’s movie palaces, then later a live music venue hosting major acts such as Cream and Jefferson Airplane. Since finally being shuttered in 2004, it’s decay has been rapid, hastened by a fire which took out a section of the building. This is the view that greets the interloper who walks through the lobby into the theater.


Eastown Stage.

Pulp Nonfiction

It’s always jarring to see the moldering stacks of books that can be found in most abandoned schools in Gary. With a shrinking population and tax base, I understand why the school itself gets shuttered, but surely the books themselves could be of use? Here, at the former Edison Elementary school, the books’ final resting place is the tiny gymnasium. Observant readers will spot a ghost, courtesy of HDR stacking and long exposures. Boo!



Ashes to ashes, pulp to pulp.


The Ambassador, Redux

The Idiot Photographer has already introduced you to the grandest of Gary’s old apartment buildings. Here are a couple of my shots.


View of main entry from street.

View of main entry from street.



View from south end of entrance hall.

View from south end of entrance hall.



Lobby as seen through a hole in an adjacent apartment.

Lobby as seen through a hole in an adjacent apartment.