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>Fire Hole Lake

>Firehole Lake can be found towards the south end of Yellowstone National Park, by (surprise) Firehole. There is also the creatively named Firehole River flowing through the Firehole canyon. Do we see a theme?

We should be generous to the namers of these locations, it had be overwhelming coming up with a name for every single geothermal feature in the region as there are hundreds of them. Yellowstone itself is the caldera of super volcano providing thousands of tourists (like myself) thrills and a little exercise every year.

Despite the unimaginative name Firehole Lake is quite beautiful. Part of the lake is fed the Hot Cascades, which are created by the Artesian Geyser so on a cool day (as this was) clouds of steam rise off the surface of the lake. Should I ever return to Yellowstone (and I do hope I get to go back one day) I hope to get better images. Every day was a challenge, if it wasn’t raining it was snowing and there was more snow than rain given that we were at about 7000 feet. The bonus was everyday there was a nice dramatic sky as the storms moved in.