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Kitten Update

Vladi has a home!  Yay!  Last night some people came to look at him and fell in love right away (like anyone could do anything else when confronted with this level of adorable).  So long as they pass the application process, which I am pretty sure they will, he should be going to his new home around Tuesday or so.  I’ll miss his antics and general weirdness, but The Niblet is still here so I won’t be totally kitten-less.

Now, to find a home for The Niblet, wish me luck!

Kitten Update

So once again I need to take a break from my Gary photos for sanity’s sake.  I think the final tally was some 900+ photos shot in a 4 hour span since I figured it was better to take too many rather than too few.  Instead I offer you the foster kitten update, after all, who doesn’t love kittens?

Currently I have 3 little plant killers living with me, the two oldest are about 10 or 11 weeks and may be going into their new homes this week.  Thank goodness, because they are driving me insane.

This is Meep-Meep, and she is not the primary trouble maker, but what the others start she finishes.  When not racing around pretending to be a tornado she is really very sweet and cuddly.  She also thinks she is proficient in the use of teh interwebz and admittedly knows how to turn on and off more of keyboard functions than I do.  If only she could do it on demand.

Now this little girl is my trouble maker extraordinaire.   Beep-Beep the wonder child.  Obsessed with plastic bags, the dog’s tail and making my youngest adult cat as miserable as possible (although to be fair he possibly deserves it).  She also has a weird addiction to cigarettes, she will steal butts out of the tray, carry them around in her mouth and play with them for hours.  She is the chief instigator of mischief and simply doesn’t know when to stop, but she does what time the alarm clock goes off and will make sure I am awake and ready to stop the beeping at least 20 minutes before hand.

Last yet not least we have Vladimir Van Helsing (this is why you should be wary of allowing more than one vet tech to name a kitten), he just came to live with me a little over a week ago, covered in fleas, infested with ear mites and very weak.  He was found under a porch and brought into my work where we cleaned him up, de-bugged him and got him into the shelter system I foster for.   I worry a little about him as he seems a little, well, mentally deficient.  There is no one thing I can say but he just doesn’t seem to be all there upstairs.  What he appears to lack in smarts he more than makes up for in sweetness, so it is all good. He is finally healthy and ready for adopting so hopefully will have a home in the next month or so.

Once the girls are gone the shelter will be sending me more babies to lose sleep to.  But they’re so worth it.

>Invasion of "Teh Cute"

>I have been invaded by “teh cute”. This is one of my two foster kittens, rescued from a high kill shelter with a dozen other kittens all slated from euthanasia, including a litter of 4 two week olds. The reason the shelter was going to euthanize? They were too young. Yes, that’s right, too YOUNG. This little girl is only 4 to 5 weeks old, staying in a shelter would have meant that she would grow poorly socialized and likely very sick from being in crowded conditions with other off-the-street cats, if she stayed healthy enough to grow up at all.
Thankfully groups like the one I foster for exist, to give these little ones (and big ones) a chance at a decent life.

Bonus, my new camera arrived today.
Already she and her sister have been the target of the new camera, talk about good timing! I’m terribly impressed with what it can do in “idiot auto mode” so I can’t wait to learn how to use it properly. I may have to invent a photo trip for the weekend, or I’ll just have to wait until the Memorial Day cookout to see what else I can do with it.