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Kinetic Tableaux

Sometimes we come across scenes which appear to be a clamorous fall taking place before our eyes, and yet are mute and still. The ice here only serves to heighten the sense that the entirety is merely frozen, and will crash when we leave the room.



December Landscape

From within a building in our old haunt of Gary, Indiana.


French Doors

From a little school in Gary, Indiana.


Oooh…what’s inside? What is it? Is it urban decay? Aw, man… it’s always urban decay. I was hoping for kittens. This is nice too, though.

I guess.



Playground and schools, Gary.



Autumn Blaze

Methodist church in Gary, Autumn.


Now onto winter.

Recapturing Ruin

I’m coming to see the Methodist church in Gary, Indiana in a way not unlike a child might view its grandparent. Likely, your grandfather or -mother were already old when you first became aware of them. By the time you were in your teens or twenties, they were getting really old. And then you may have realized that they wouldn’t be around much longer. So it is with this church. We’ve been watching the decay progress for about six years now, but change is hard to see when it’s incremental. When a section of the roof fell in a few weeks ago, the change was stark.

The collapse does serve a purpose, vis-a-vis urbex: it is a memento mori of sorts, and a spur to to explore as much as one can, because it’s all coming down one way or another. And ours is not to question or get attached to ruins, but to document and create from them.


Nave and Sky II


For some scenes from this church in recent years prior to the roof cave in, click here.


Memorial day weekend is fast approaching and Tabula Rasa and I spent a bit of time over a light lunch discussing what shenanigans we could fins find ourselves in on this slightly extended weekend.  As part of our of scheming (OK, most of it) includes a couple of days of taking photos in a location we’ve never visited I realized that I’d have to bite the bullet and finally purchase a new lens.

So today I wandered over to the camera store I went knowing that there wasn’t much of a chance to find a used ultra-wide angle lens and walked away with a decent walk around lens that has good macro capability.  Perhaps one day I’ll get a new ultra-wide angle but for now I will make do with what I have.  In the meantime enjoy one of the last photos I took with my now deceased lens.



Picture Window

the view


Six Floors Up

no walls