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As some may have noticed, the Oscars were last Sunday.  I have finally started sorting through my photos from the Oscar party I went to.  Normally Oscar parties aren’t my thing, but Robyn and Misty throw the best Oscar Drag party you could imagine.

This year Robyn went as Jessica Rabbit.

I also played around a little bit with deliberate camera motion when the big lights weren’t on, this is the best of the lot but overall it isn’t a technique I like very much.

Long walk

B eazy

Ivana ain’t easy, but she’ll lead you on, and on and on and on.


Getting ready for stage 2 of the shoot, Misty changes outfits and fixes up a little and bemoans the lack of a dressing room.


Danger!  Danger Will Robinson!


I’ve finally gotten around to going through my Drag Queens in Gary shoot for the second review.  I took so many photos in one day, reviewed them once, dumped the really bad ones and posted the ones I liked on first viewing.  After that I’ve been avoiding them like the plague since I pretty much hated everything I took.  I could have done better, much better.  Tons better.

My only excuse was I had just gotten my DSLR and had no idea how to use it, so while my models and location were just FABULOUS DARLING, my skills were not.  Still, on second review (at long last)   I find that I don’t hate everything as much as I thought I did.

So brace yourselves for Round Two of the Misadventures of Misty and Ivana!

Outside The Law

Location is everything, but next time we hit up this one will be after a few good hard frosts.  We had to trudge through the underbrush to access this portion of the old Gary Train Depot and afterwards found ourselves picking unwanted passengers off of each other like a troop of baboons, minus the eating of said unwanted passengers.  We’re slightly more civilized monkeys than that, thanks very much.

I think this will be the last of the Gary in Drag photos for the time being.   Tomorrow should be a Chicago themed outing, we’re considering a theme of “transit” but we’ll see what actually happens, you just never know what whacky ideas I might dream up.

Did I mention that before?  The whole Gary with drag queens as models thing actually came to me in a dream shortly after I attended a drag/Oscar party.   The idea tickled my fancy so much I was on the phone with Misty the next morning and from there it kind of snowballed.  With any luck next year we will have a fashion designer (albeit one trying to get started) doing outfits for the ladies and in the meantime she is trying to help me get some of these published in a U.K. fashion mag.  Seriously?  Seriously.  I never thought I’d ever publish anything and I still have to finish getting the releases signed by the ladies but there is a teeny tiny, itty bitty chance I may actually sell a photo.  I doubt it’ll happen, but it would be way cool if it did.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

This shot was actually one of my fellow photographer’s brilliant ideas (thank you Anita!), the mirror was to fix hair and touch up makeup, however with all the light in the midday sun on the roof, it actually worked out rather nicely.


Adios, Gary Indiana, we’ll be seeing you again soon enough!


Flame On

I need filters.  While I got a UV filter with my new camera, the local camera shop was out of polarizing filters for my lens (while they had polarizing filters for about 30 other lenses.)  While I love this shot I think it would have turned out a little better if I had one.  Oh well.  The good news is the ladies are willing to go for a round two, and we already have 2 other locations scouted for August.


While I have shared mostly “serious” shots, we had quite a bit of fun and got silly more than once.  While on the roof of the church we noticed a large stack over at the steel mill belching large quantities of flame, and couldn’t resist this shot.  Flame On!


Misty In The Window

The United Methodist Church in Gary is really one of my favorite locations, sadly it is also the favorite location of low budget movies.  We were unable to do a lot in the main cathedral and most of the dance school was unavailable due to a movie shoot taking place on the day we were there.  They got there first, much to our frustration.

Despite their props taking up most of the cathedral we were able to work with the periphery which included where the windows used to be.  How our ladies were able to scramble over the piles of fallen ceiling and up on to the ledge in those heels is beyond me, but kudos to them for doing so!


For the record, when not filled with props for a movie, this is what the cathedral looks like:

Misty Meaner

Further adventures in Gary, Indiana, with drag queens!

Despite wardrobe malfunctions and the missing change of shoes issues, Misty stayed upbeat, positive and a delight to work with through the whole trip.  I feel I missed on getting a lot of good shots with her as she was mostly taking taking direction from Jerry, but when I did get something good it was pretty much candid.

Coming Out

Coming Out” src=”” alt=”” width=”584″ height=”389″ />

This was my first photo shoot with models, and what an experience it was! The ladies were wonderful about taking direction, and suggesting poses and locations. Hopefully next time around I’ll be a little better at communicating myself to them, but this is one shot that came out just as I wanted it to.

Ivana just has a natural way about her, she is totally at ease with the camera ( indeed possibly in love with it) and it shows.
This photo doesn’t really give you much of the dust and decay of Gary, but the point of the trip was the ladies more than anything.

And now I’m off to bed, posting has been delayed this week due to the unavoidably real life and the job that pays the bills.