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Did I ever mention that I like goats?  I think I may more than once.  Either way goats are awesome and recently on a little trip to the vast expanse of corn and soybean that is known as the rest of the state of Illinois I got the opportunity to play with some very well behaved goats.

goat herd


I was visiting a coworker’s family because she wanted some good photos of her two horses, they will be featured in another post.  While there we asked the neighbors if I could photograph the goats and they readily agreed.  It was an amazing experience as I am accustomed to either unsocialized goats that are mostly decoration for the barn, or the ill mannered bullies you find in petting zoos.

goat in grass

These little goats are ladies through and through.  They were very curious as to what we were up to but they didn’t jump on you or steal from you.  They just wanted to be petted and scratched, something I was happy to do in between taking photos.

young goat


Then there was April.  She has the goofiest personality of any goat I’ve ever met and given that they’re not exactly the most stoic animals to begin with that is saying a lot.  Many of my photos have her sneaking around in the background, checking things out.  She was terribly impressed with the camera, and while she wasn’t too sure about it she just had to make sure that she was the center of attention at all times.



Not that April has a monopoly on photobombing the other goats, mind you. goat photobomb

Tibetan Takin

I make it no secret that I like goats and think that they are pretty awesome animals.  The internet in the past year has been catching up to me in their love of goats, mostly due to the hilarious YouTube videos of goats screaming.  In celebration of my 350th post I will talk about my favorite of all the wild goats.

The Takin is the granddaddy of all goats, there is not one more majestic or massive.  True, technically they are “goat-antelopes” and some consider them more antelope than goat, but I’m going to ignore them.  They live at the highest altitude of any goat (or goat-antelope) in the world, up in the Himalayas at up to 4,500 meters over sea level.

golden takin

some think that the “golden fleece” Jason and argonauts were after was a takin hide

The takin I will share with you today do not live at such impressive altitude, they’re at about 177 meters (or 583 feet) above sea level.  They’re also not that far from Lake Michigan and call Chicago home.

takin in the water

the female isn’t as blonde as the male

This winter both female takin at Lincoln Park Zoo gave birth to bouncing baby boys and they are growing big and strong at an amazing rate.

takin baby sass

What?  i’m cute.

Neither is as big as dad, yet.

father and son edited

“One day I’m gonna grow up to be like you dad!”

Takin don’t have many natural predators; black bears, tigers, snow leopards, dholes, and wolves will take one out if the opportunity arises, but the evidence for predation is uncommon.  The biggest threat this animal faces is us.

takin family

One happy family