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Inside Gary Grain

Some may wonder why I call myself The Idiot Photographer, I suspect this post may clarify things a little for those people.  I mean, I’m not a brilliant photographer, but I’m also not a terrible photographer.  I am a photographer that sometimes does things people may consider idiotic for the sake of adventure.  Like entering a building such as this one.

gary 12 2 2012 424_5_6_tonemapped


How could I not go into this?  I mean, it has 2.25 walls, the roof is collapsing and obviously ready to cave in totally and the footing is nothing but loose bricks until you’re fully inside.  ADVENTURE! I say.

roof support


While I got a lot of little detail shots, I’m just going to share the one of the remaining control panel.  I found it a little funny since this literally the only room left to the building, the rest of it is laying in crumbled heaps of wooden beams and bricks.  There were at least 4 other much larger rooms that have nothing left rubble.  In one spot there is actually a bit of 2 walls left, but that is it.

mill controls



So was this trip worth it?  You bet.  For standing gloriously intact in the middle of the room was this great slumbering beast.

gary grain mill machine

Gary Grain

So there we were, wandering around Gary and minding our own business when suddenly we see this:


All stop and park in front of the no parking sign folks, we must check this out!  Of course, Tabula Rasa and BioLum wouldn’t get out of my shot, so I incorporated them into it.

Being that it was a dull, grey flat light sort of day (like almost all of them have been recently) I just had to take an HDR shot.  Once the boys had cleared out of my way I settled in and got something, acceptable.  Not so sure about the composition on this one and the sky leaves a little (lot) to be desired but perhaps next time we wander by I’ll do better.  I hope.  I’d like to think that I am getting better at this photography thing but, well, that is for the viewer to decide.

gary declining

You may wonder if we dared the collapsing roof and actually went inside of this derelict 3 walled wonder.  The answer is yes,  and now you know what my next post will be.