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Which path would you chose?

Inside My Brain

Just in case you ever wondered, this is what it is like inside my brain.

the hall

Another Hall!


I’m not sure Tabula Rasa and I will ever get tired of doing this, so I’m going to promise this is my last photo of a hall way in Packard for a long while.  Given the current dispute over the ownership of the building there is a very slim chance we yet visit it a third time, so I’m not going to say never.  Sunday will find us out in search of new locations so it is very possible this blog will stop being “Packard the Unending” shortly.  To that though, I will make no promises.


Just imagine you’re poking about the third floor of a 7 floor building in the dead of winter.  And then you see this hallway.

icy hall

Just in case you wondered why I do this, it is because of moments like this.  Over an inch of sheer, glassy ice coating the floor, in the middle of a building.  I felt I stepped out of reality in to a dream.

St. Mary’s, The Idiot’s View, Part the More


Why do I always find myself taking pictures of hallways?  And stairs?  And . . . phones?

2 24 13 hospital 112

As Tabula Rasa mentioned, the phones in this building are all that wonderfully disgusting color of a headless, armless Barbie left in a gutter.  The walls beneath the cracked and peeling paint aren’t much better, but at least they are a little more natural looking.  To be fair, this phone was in a hall and I was literally scooting my camera along on the tripod as the floor was a sheet of unbroken, glossy ice.  I would have walked right past this if not for that.

While we are on the topic of halls, I offer you this.

2 24 13 hospital 044_5_6_tonemapped

I just had to light up a smoke at that point, because I could.

Anyway, back the paint.  One of the peculiar things about this building is that since it is not heavily trafficked (unlike the majority of abandoned buildings in Gary) the paint has mostly stayed on the walls despite the heavy cracking and peeling.  In some places whole sheets of it has come loose from the drywall and fallen to drape over anything it the way like cloth.  Tabula Rasa and I even got into a disagreement over whether it was wallpaper or paint.  I still say paint and shall leave it up for the viewer to decide which they think it is.

down the stairs